The CLHYNN fuel cell

The first sustainable fuel cell with its own hydrogen source

Our fuel cell and source are a major innovation revolutionizing the green hydrogen industry. Unlike conventional fuel cells, our solution has two components - the cell and the source - making it more adaptable and practical. Result of 15 years' research, it is also sovereign and ecological.


To different power levels

The CLHYNN solution can be adapted for various applications with different wattages. By connecting the batteries to each other, their respective wattages can be combined.
It can be easily connected to the electric motors of all types of vehicle, whether marine, land or airborne, as well as to generators.

Separate and connectable

The CLHYNN source can be separated from the battery. Once empty, the source can be easily replaced.
The source is designed to be accessible to all, for example in retail outlets, with a deposit.

Because its membrane (free from health-damaging PFAS), allows platinum to be replaced by nickel.

We designed our solution to be manufactured without the use of rare metals or other critical raw materials (CRMs). This dream was made possible by the anionic catalytic qualities of Nickel, a material which has the added advantage of being inexpensive and widely available around the world, particularly in New Caledonia, a French Overseas Territory. The island accounts for 25% of the world's reserves of this resource.

Because circular

CLHYNN hydrogen is green because it's made from water.
What's more, our solution is totally re-conditionable, and one of its components has a second life: it can be used as fertilizer.
Our solution is designed to be virtuous and responsible, just like its production.

Customer Targets

Green hydrogen for all!


Our hydrogen fuel cell offers a clean, efficient alternative to traditional energy sources. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions while offering long autonomy and instant charging of a new source. Whether by air, sea or land, light or heavy, all types of transport are suited to our solution.


Because we want to make energy accessible to everyone, everywhere in the world, even in the most remote locations, we've designed our battery to be adaptable to stationary applications such as generators.
Intelligent, secure energy, anywhere, anytime.

To find out more

ClHynn innovation: creativity at the service of the energy transition

The fruit of 15 years' research at the CNRS, our innovation is also the result of an original, unconventional method. Compared with a "conventional" fuel cell, our fuel cell draws its energy from specific, reversed ionic flows. We've got our heads screwed on straight, but to make it work, we've simply turned the problem upside down!

L’innovation CLHYNN : la créativité au service de la transition énergétique

Standard Ion flows

Ion flows Clhynn

Bipolar plate

Bipolar plate

Electro-catalytic ink

Electro-catalytic ink

Ion exchange membrane

Our ambition

To change the world of energy, and become a global benchmark for green hydrogen.