CLHYNN with an H for Hydrogen and Humanity

CLHYNN is the story of human and industrial redemption. Its two directors, Jean-Patrick Corso and Régis Panozzo, both have backgrounds that today inspire the ClHynn spirit.

Jean-Patrick Corso was EPR project manager in China for Areva. Régis was an industrial engineer in the demanding automotive subcontracting market.

With CLHYNN, they embarked on a new life, a new era, with an H.

H for Hydrogen, H for Humanity...

Our values

For ecology and the preservation of life!

CLHYNN believes in innovation and is working collectively to establish a credible, environmentally-friendly energy solution to fossil fuels. More than that, CLHYNN wants to believe that another world is possible, one whose construction is dictated by the preservation of life, and fights enthusiastically for this model.

Enthusiasm as leading motive

We believe in smiles, positivism, generosity, dynamism and conviviality. We believe that with this enthusiasm we can re-enchant the future.

Innovation at the heart

Essential to imagining tomorrow, we are by nature the fruit of innovation. By innovation we also mean rigor, professionalism, research, creativity, commitment and fighting spirit, so that our solution sets the standard in the marketplace.

Solidarity guides our steps
We don't want to work alone in our own little corner. We believe in mutual support and team spirit. We believe that by listening and caring, we open the doors to diversity and promote good living together. For us, these ingredients are essential to the success of our shared project.

Our Partners

Our great team, committed to ensuring that all mankind has access to clean energy.