The revolutionary green hydrogen fuel cell 

Thanks to the ingenious idea of combining the hydrogen fuel cell with its source, CLHYNN, an innovative and responsible company, is revolutionizing the green hydrogen sector and opening the doors to the future for a wide range of uses, from sea, land and air transport to stationary technologies.

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CLHYNN innovation

Result of 15 years of research and development at CNRS


The CLHYNN solution can be adapted for various applications with different wattages. By connecting the batteries to each other, their respective wattages can be combined.


The CLHYNN source can be dissociated from the battery. Once depleted, the source can be easily replaced without any pressure, as hydrogen is generated in-situ.


CLHYNN hydrogen is green, sourced from water. The solution is fully recyclable, with one component usable as fertilizer. Its production requires no critical raw materials (CRM).

Sovereign and economical

The CLHYNN catalyst is Nickel-based, making it cost-effective and easily accessible worldwide, especially in France (New Caledonia).

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"At ClHynn, we are proud to meet 3 of the UN's sustainable development goals and are committed to becoming a major player in the energy transition, respectful of the environment, people and life in the broadest sense."

Jean-Patrick Corso,
CEO and co-founder of CLHYNN

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CLHYNN is committed to the democratization of the green hydrogen industry.

We are proud to represent a clean energy sector. Every day, we want to demonstrate the full potential of green hydrogen, which we see as a credible alternative to fossil fuels. In our newsletter, find out more about our fight, our progress and our thoughts on behalf of the entire industry.
CLHYNN is committed!
• January 2024: with the FRENCH TECH team, CLHYNN had the chance to travel to Las Vegas to assess the sensitivity of the companies present to the energy transition, and to propose its disruptive solutions. It was also an opportunity to make contact with major land, air and sea mobility contractors, and to confirm their interest in CLHYNN technology!
CLHYNN in the spotlight of the first quarter of 2024
• January 2024: Invited to the National Assembly by Michel Delpon, France 2023 ambassador for hydrogen, under the patronage of the President of the Republic, CLHYNN was able to share its commitments to the energy transition with numerous colleagues.