Revolutionary green hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Green hydrogen fuel cells

Without pressure tank, because it produces its own hydrogen

More durable materials

Strategic Risk-Free Sourcing

Resources 1000 times cheaper and 10,000 times less rare than platinum


(3 patents as of now)

The hydrogen fuel cell, how does it work?

The fuel cell and more particularly the hydrogen cell is the cell of tomorrow!
It produces electricity from oxygen in the air and hydrogen, it does not generate CO2 or waste : only water and heat.

It is for this reason that it constitutes the energy of tomorrow !

Hydrogen and oxygen are fed to each of the electrodes. At one electrode, the separation of the electrons which will generate the current, and the ions which will migrate towards the other electrode through the membrane; at the other electrode, the reverse reaction occurs to give water and heat.

the hydrogen sector perspectives

Massive global investments (9 billion inv. French State)

Transportation sector in the cutting edge, since it represents 30% of the greenhouse gas emissions

Source – “Hydrogen Council”

Sector’s restraints

Our value proposal


(3 patents as of now)

Our fuel cell generates its own hydrogen

It uses a nickel catalyst instead of platinum.

It uses several possible materials including commercial materials .

Customer benefits


1000 times less expensive catalyst than the platinum one, and without onerous tank to maintain the gas under pressure


30% to 300% more autonomous for the same tank volume, quick replacement of the H2 source
Technological compatibility with current membranes

Adoption accelerator

Allows not to wait until the creation of infrastructures

Time to market


no risk of supply disruption compared to platinum, which is one of the eight most strategic metals for France (80% South Africa, 10% Russia)

The team


Entrepreneur, former CEO for SMEs and responsible for major projects in the Energy sector

In charge of commercial strategy, external and contractual relations (investors, partners and customers)

professor bernard gauthier-manuel – CSO

Researcher and inventor of the patents

In charge of the technical part, validation of the technical options.

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